True Flavours Await,
One Sip at a Time.

Australia's New Bubble Tea Sensation.

Discover The distinct difference of Palgong Tea...

Founded in 2017, Palgong Tea is new on the block but rapidly captivating a worldwide audience with its diverse range of quality beverages:

Curated from Korea, Crafted for All

Whether you're a bubble tea aficionado or taking your very first sip, journey with us through an authentic Korean bubble tea experience designed for everyone.

Spoilt for Choice

From our unique bubble tea blends to that aromatic morning coffee, we've got your cravings sorted.

Top-Notch, Not Top-Dollar

Premium ingredients, without the fancy price tag. Quality sips, every time.

Did you know?

“PALGONG” in Korean means 80, which is the best
temperature in degrees Celsius to brew teas

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