Bringing Bubble Tea
to Australia

Palgong Brings the freshly brewed Bubble Tea craze to the shores of Australia!

In 2017, after years of research and development, we launched our first shop in South Korea. Our name stems from the korean word “PAL-GONG” which means 80, the ideal temperature in Celsius to brew tea. This ideal brewing temperature reflects our philosophy of creating the perfect environment to warm and nurture one’s life as we do with all of our tea blends.

4 years later, our recipes and flavours have spread to 200 stores across South Korea as well as in Canada and the USA. Palgong Tea is now proud to be establishing its Australian base starting with our very first store located in Bentleigh VIC. We are excited to grow and expand our reach from coast to coast, bringing the highest quality teas to the Australian market - and bringing people together!

Our mission at Palgong Tea:

Our mission is to serve our customers with a wide range of tea options made with ingredients of the highest quality. We aim to provide our customers with not only fresh tea, but also an exuberant environment. An ideal space for friends and family to gather and enjoy the authentic flavours of Korea.

Our values:


Supporting Our Local Community


Always Putting Customer Satisfaction First


Using Tea Blends Of The Highest Quality


Making Sure We Are Affordable For Everyone

The philosophy of Palgong Tea:

Local tea masters put their devoted efforts to strictly control and produce high-quality teas only for PALGONG TEA.


We pluck only the finest quality tea leaves for our bubble tea products.


We have a unique selection of over 9 tea options available for your choosing.

Fermentation & Drying

After plucking and selecting, precise drying techniques help bring out the exquisite flavour characteristics from the leaves.

Tea Brewing

We have perfected and refined our brewing methodologies to ensure the best flavours come through into our drinks.

Served To You!

Enjoy our in-store experience where everything comes together to form our signature bubble tea product!

Palgong Tea preparation